Scenarios for the COVID-19 Future

By Arik Ben-Zvi, CEO and President

Strategic planning has literally never been harder than it is at this moment. How do you plan for the future when we don’t know whether a Depression lies ahead or a rapid recovery? Or whether this disease will be with us for years, or whether a vaccine is just around the corner. 

Scenario Thinking is a time-tested strategy tool for planning in the face of uncertainty. In collaboration with one of the world’s foremost Scenario Thinking experts, Prof. Steve Weber of the University of California, Berkeley, we have developed a Scenario Thinking exercise that tries to imagine plausible narratives about where America might be next year.

The findings hopefully surprise, challenge and even unsettle you a bit. Most importantly, we hope they can help decision makers grapple with what might lie ahead so that they can drive the necessary planning processes within their business, campaigns or investment funds. 

We hope you enjoy the exercise and welcome your feedback!