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Breakwater Strategy Launches Capital Markets 360, New Suite of Services Catered to Publicly Traded Companies

Breakwater Strategy, a strategic communications and capital markets advisory firm, is today unveiling “Capital Markets 360,” a suite of capabilities to serve a rapidly changing investor relations landscape. Companies today are facing increasing pressure to demonstrate digital excellence, social relevance, and financial acuity in a turbulent economic and political environment. Against this backdrop, Breakwater acts […]

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A Clearer View: Communicating Strategic R&D Investments

In the current economic environment, public capital markets have become increasingly demanding when it comes to explanations of significant R&D expenditures aimed at higher-risk, longer-term payoffs. Compared to just two years ago –– when moonshot investments like the metaverse were welcomed by the capital markets –– that appetite for risk has changed. The heightened scrutiny among today’s investors […]

The Intersection

AI’s Elusive Goldilocks Zone: Treading the Line Between Society’s Fears and Markets’ Fervor

A recent YouGov poll revealed that a significant portion of Americans harbor concerns about Artificial Intelligence (AI), with many supporting a temporary pause on its development. The apprehensions range from potential job loss to the end of the human race on Earth.  At the same time, many investors are excited about the technology’s vast promise, such as increased efficiency, productivity, and innovation –– and as a result, are pouring […]

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Breakwater Debates: A Six-Month Pause on Giant AI Experiments

Over the course of a few days, two Breakwater Strategy colleagues –– Arik Ben-Zvi and Steven Weber –– engaged in an extended email debate over the merits and downsides of the now-famous Open Letter: Pause Giant AI Experiments put forward by the Future of Life Institute (FLI).  That exchange is being shared in The Intersection (edited for brevity) in the same spirit that inspired it in […]