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Who is Responsible for Regulating Misinformation? – An Analysis of Section 230, the First Amendment, and Technology Platforms

By Laetitia Haddad, Intern Upon finally acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk’s first order of business was to “save free speech”. Musk alludes to the ongoing debate regarding misinformation and censorship on social media platforms. In his leadership capacity at Twitter, Musk begins to navigate the precedent for content regulation and user freedom online. An analysis of […]

The Pilot

Words Matter: How use of “Weaponization” can Damage Interdependent Relationships and Strategic Decision Making

By Steve Weber, Partner “Weaponization” has become a favorite expression of commentators, politicians, and corporate actors in the past few years. Search it on Google and you’ll find it used in conversations about trade, finance, technology, regulatory and technical standards, even ESG criteria. What was once called propaganda is now “weaponization of information.” Economic sanctions […]