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Framing the Quarter: 10 Areas of Interest for the Q2 2023 Earnings Season

Breakwater Strategy is proud to present the second edition of our “Framing the Quarter” earnings guide, crafted to support C-Suite executives and Investor Relations Officers as they navigate the Q2 2023 earnings season. “Framing the Quarter” covers 10 areas of interest to today’s investors, providing a foundation for effective communications before, during, and after Q2 earnings calls. By preparing for […]


Breakwater Strategy Launches Capital Markets 360, New Suite of Services Catered to Publicly Traded Companies

Breakwater Strategy, a strategic communications and capital markets advisory firm, is today unveiling “Capital Markets 360,” a suite of capabilities to serve a rapidly changing investor relations landscape. Companies today are facing increasing pressure to demonstrate digital excellence, social relevance, and financial acuity in a turbulent economic and political environment. Against this backdrop, Breakwater acts […]

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A Clearer View: Communicating Strategic R&D Investments

In the current economic environment, public capital markets have become increasingly demanding when it comes to explanations of significant R&D expenditures aimed at higher-risk, longer-term payoffs. Compared to just two years ago –– when moonshot investments like the metaverse were welcomed by the capital markets –– that appetite for risk has changed. The heightened scrutiny among today’s investors […]